Ganbare Goemon: "Seikuushi Dainamaittu Arawaru!!":
Sasuke and Goemon 1 translation

This conversation happens right before Sasuke's minigame, after you've traveled high into the sky on
an elevator platform.

SDA Sasuke and Goemon 1
Sasuke:{Goemon dono! Sagashita de gozaru yo!


Sasuke:{Mr. Goemon! You’re just who I was looking for!

Goemon:{Sasuke janeeka!


Goemon:{Hey, it’s Sasuke!

Konna tokoro de, nani shite nda?

So anyway, what’s going on?

Sasuke:{Jitsu wa, tatta ima…

Sasuke:{As a matter of fact, just a moment ago…

Seikuushi Dainamaittu no [kuuchuu yousai] no irikuchii o mitsuketa tokoro de gozaru!


I discovered where the entrance to Seikuushi Dynamites’ [sky fortress] is!






[fortress] you speak of…

Chiccha na [uekibachi] ni matsunoki toka, uetarisuru…
ちっちゃな「うえきばち」にまつの木とか、うえ たりする。。。
Something similar to a pinetree, which looks best in a small

Sasuke:{Sore wa [yousai] janakute [bonsai] de gozaru…

Sasuke:{That? You’re talking about [bonsai] (trees), not [yousai] (fortresses)…

Amatsu sae, [sai] shika attenai de gozaru!


Really, a bonsai is the least of our worries [
right now]!

SDA Sasuke and Goemon 1


To, tonikaku sono [kuuchuu yousai] ni norikonde……


At… at any rate, we should board this
[sky fortress]……

Sono Dainamaittu toka iu yatsu o seibai shiteyaru!


Let’s punish that Dynamites guy and anyone who sides with him!

Sasuke:{Wakatta de gozaru!



Sessha ni tsukamaru de gozaru!
Hold on to me!

Dainamaittu no [yousai] made hitottobi de gozaru!

I’ll get to Dynamite’s [fortress] in just one trip!

[End of the first Sasuke and Goemon scene] 

SDA Sasuke and Goemon 1

The Sasuke minigame (screen shown above) is next- it plays just like the Yae minigame, only the screen scrolls sideways this time and
for some reason this slightly different format made it much more enjoyable than Yae's (it's all a matter of opinion, though).


The Japanese font and bracket style is slightly different this time because this is the first of the scenes where
I was able to actually type the Japanese text, instead of cutting and pasting it. This is all thanks to my new
Macintosh, where I can easily switch between typing in Japanese and in English. It's a HUGE help. I could've
used the exact same brackets as before, but it was too much of a hassle. I'll leave that minor edit for 'someday'.
If you don't quite get the joke here, Goemon has mixed up the words 'bonsai' and 'yousai' because they sound
similar. I tried to make that clear by including both the English and Japanese words on that line. Hehe, Ebisumaru's
not the only one who needs a hearing aid! I guess it has something to do with all those years of having enemies
blow up in your face when you attack them.
As with Ebisumaru in Yae's minigame, Goemon should be holding onto Sasuke here, though it isn't animated
that way. That would've been funny looking, too.

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