Ganbare Goemon: "Seikuushi Dainamaittu Arawaru!!":
Boss fight 2 translation

Or, click HERE if you'd prefer to see video from the game with English subtitles, which includes this scene.

Alternatively, this is the first boss fight if you went through Ebisumaru's levels before Goemon's.

SDA boss fight 2
Nyaahovaa: {Nya, nyaa!
ニャ~ホバー『ニャ, ニャ~!
Hover Meow: {Meow, meoww!

Kokomade, kita no wa antaga, hajimete nya~~~!!
ここまで,来たのはあんたが, 初めてニャ~~~!!
Before you got here, I was actually enjoying some peace for the first time in awhile, meowwww!

Ebisumaru: {Antara, wate no tanoshimi o…
エビス丸『あんたら, わてのたのしみを…
Ebisumaru: {I will enjoy ruining your peace...

Zenkoku no umaimon o taberu wate no tanoshimi o~~~~~!!
That is, the country’s most skillful eater will enjoy ruining it~~~~~!!

SDA boss fight 2
Antara zettaini yurushimahende!!
I most certainly will not let you have your tranquility!!

Nyaahovaa: {Nyanto!
Hover Meow: {Whatever!

Wareware no, seihuku ni monku ga aru mitai desunya~
 我々の, 征服に文句があるみたいですニャ~
I’d like to see what part of our conquest people are complaining about, anyway, meoww

Nyara, monku o iwasenai younisiteageru nya~~!!
ニャら, 文句をいわせないようにして上げるニャ~~!!
In this case, complaining is not permitted, so I’ll be sure to retaliate meowww!!

Karakuri [neko nyan] henshin!
からくり【ネコにゃん 】ヘンシン!
Mechanical “cat’s meow” transformation!

SDA boss fight 2
Hieshou robo: Burunyaago G
The cold-sensitive robot: Chilly Blue Meow G

SDA boss fight 2

[End of boss fight 2]

Ugly boss, huh? It's got more forms than are shown here.

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