Ganbare Goemon: "Seikuushi Dainamaittu Arawaru!!":
Boss fight 3 translation

You could choose either Goemon or Ebisumaru for this fight.

SDA boss fight 3
Goemon: {Yai, temee!
や い,てめえ!
Goemon: {Hey, you!

Hagure machi o….!

Hagure town…

Oira no aidoru, {Omicchan} o doko ni yattandei!!
…and my idol, {Omitsu}- where did you send them?!!

SDA boss fight 3
Hagane-chan: {Nya, nya, nya, nya!

Steel-chan: {Meow, meow, meow, meow!

Sonna, {Omitsu} toka iu onna yori mo....
That Omitsu isn’t your ordinary woman…

Atai no hou ga, kawaii nya~!
In fact she’s very cute. My congratulations, meoww!

Dakara, atai ga kawaigatte ageru nya~~!
For that reason, I'll summon her affectionately, meowww!

Karakuri [neko nyan] henshin!
からくり【ネコにゃん 】ヘンシン!
Mechanical “cat’s meow” transformation!

SDA boss fight 3

Kogyaru robo: Nya-gyaru W
The Old Girl Robot: Meow-Girl W

SDA boss fight 3

[End of the third boss fight]

Next, Ebisumaru and Yae meet up.


Here we have the last of the boss fights of this type and format. I don't usually transfer 'chan'
from the Japanese text to the English, but it's in the boss's name, not what someone is calling them,
so I figured I'd better translate it as 'Steel-chan'.
When Steel-chan says 'summoned' it's from the verb 'ageru' which apparently is a verb used for summoning
a geisha. I could be wrong about my verb interp there, but I guess a waitress is close enough to a geisha to
use the same wording. I think the implication here is that Steel-chan is trying to get Goemon riled up over
the idea of her telling Omitsu what to do.
Should it be "old girl robot" "big girl robot" "great girl robot" or "little girl robot"? Take your pick, but they
all seem to work, since it's hard for me to judge whether this robot is supposed to look young or old.

+updated 02-07-2009+

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