Ganbare Goemon: "Seikuushi Dainamaittu Arawaru!!":
Yae and Ebisumaru 1 translation

This conversation happens right before Yae's minigame.

SDA Yae and Ebi 1

SDA Yae and Ebi 1
Ebisumaru: {Honyo!?
Ebisumaru: {Eh!?

Yaechanya, omahenka!!

If it isn’t Yae!!

Yae: {Yokatta, yatto mitsuketa wa!}
Yae: {Great, I’ve finally found you!}

Ebisumaru: {Nanya, wate no koto sagashite tan dekka?
Ebisumaru: {What, were you searching for me?

Hyottosite, Yaechan…
Could it be, Yae…

Wate no koto o… nyohohohohohohohohohohohohoho <3
わてのことを...にょほほほほほほほほほほほほほ <3
For my sake…
Nyohohohohohohohohohohohohoho <3

SDA Yae and Ebi 1
Yae: {Mou! Nani kan chigai siteru no yo!
Yae: {Really now! What difference does it make?!

Sou janakute….
Oh, just drop it…

Ima, Oedo no machi wa totsuzen arawareta uchuujin…
After all, right now, aliens are suddenly appearing in the towns of Japan

Seikuushi (Seikuushi) Dainamaittu no okage de taihen na koto ni natte iru no!
…and it’s a disaster because they’ve all been sent to help Seikuushi Dynamites with his plan!

Ebisumaru: {Na, nandekka! Sono...
B-but I’m absolutely sure! That name was…

Sekushii Dainamaittu tte!
“Sexy Dynamites” !

Erai, dokidoki suru namae denna~!
It’s terrible, but that name gets me really excited!

SDA Yae and Ebi 1
Yae: {[Sekushii] janakute [Seikuushi]yo…
Yae: {Well, stop saying “Sexy” because it’s “Seikuushi”…

Tonikaku, Oedo ni isoide ikanaito!!
In any case, this is not the quickest way to get through Japan!!

Saa! Atashi ni tsukamatte!
Come on! You’ll have to hold on to me!

Let’s go!

Ninjyo henge no jutsu!
Mermaid transformation jutsu!

SDA Yae and Ebisumaru 1

[End of the first Yae and Ebisumaru scene]

SDA Yae and Ebisumaru 1

The Yae minigame (screen shown above) is next, and the next translated dialogue is Yae and Ebisumaru again.


So Goemon and Ebisumaru aren't together after all. Apparently they met at the tea house for some
dumplings and then decided to part ways again, despite the fact that the player-change function
works now.
"Sexy Dynamites" was in bold, red type in the original text, so I typed it up that way here as well.
Yae's minigame involves swimming up as the screen scrolls up, shooting the enemies that come at you
with Yae's bazooka. Ebisumaru should be holding onto Yae but they didn't animate it that way, which is a
shame, it would've looked really funny. It wasn't my fave minigame ever, especially in comparison to the
greatness of the rest of Seikuushi Dynamites Arawaru. At the end, there's a textless mini-boss fight.

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