Ganbare Goemon: "Seikuushi Dainamaittu Arawaru!!":
Omitsu translation

Unlike the other text translations so far, this is not an unavoidable cut scene. Omitsu is in the teahouse in
Primeval Hagure Town, one of your stops in the Underground Area on the game map. You'll never run
into her if you don't enter the teahouse there.

SDA Omitsu
Omicchan: {Karakuri nekochan tachi ni
Omitsu: {The robot cats

Koko ni tsurete kitarareta toki wa chotto, bikkurisita kedo

brought us here and for a short time, I was frightened. However,

Chanto, atarashii onata mo dekita kotodashi
things have turned out well. This new store is actually up to the task, and considering the circumstances,

Mou, itsu mo doori ni eigyou naka yo!
も う,いつもどおり にえいきょう中よ!
business is already going as usual here!


Chotto, okyaku san no kazu ga hecchatta no ga zannen da wa
ちょっと,おきゃくちんのかずがへっちゃったのがざんねんだがざんね んだわ
the lack of concern among a number of our customers is a little disturbing to me.

[End of Omitsu's dialogue]


Primeval Hagure Town could also be translated as Hallucination Hagure Town. I chose 'primeval' for the
wording here because the town residents are all dressed like cavemen. I felt that the alternate translation was
worth mentioning because I don't know why Hagure is underground and ancient in this game. Perhaps the hint
is in this alternate translation since the writers for this series love their weird puns. Maybe I'll only know for sure
after I go around and attempt to translate what the people in various towns have to say.
I think the last sentence implies that the caveman/cavewoman customers are stupider than usual.

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