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Q: Who's the webmaster around this crazy burger joint in the sky?

A: HR, aka Seppukumaru, aka Hoshikuzu Seppukumaru, aka Aspen Stardust. Really I'm just a dork who wants to use the name Seppukumaru, but in some cases it's not possible since others have used it before.
HR = my initials, Aspen Stardust = aspens are my second favorite kind of tree (yes, I'm a big tree hugger) and I've got a thing for stars as well... not too original I suppose. Hoshikuzu = stardust, you get the idea there.

At the moment, I'm a college student struggling to not lose my mind during the long boring days in school, while wondering what the hey I'm going to do with my degree!

Q: What's with the Spanish & the Japanese text? It's looking a little weird, ya know.

A: Well, I know some of both, though unfortunately I read 'em much easier than I write them. It would be nice to have a completely trilingual website. I doubt I'll ever get that far, but at some point I may add on to the very little that I already have on here.

On a related note, I'm kind of ripping the Japanese habit of excessive English text around their fansites (and everywhere else, for that matter). Japanese fansites were the base inspiration for this site, and they're a big part of the reason I never dropped the Japanese language practicing completely. Now, my Russian skills- that's another story! I've actually got some books n' CDs for Russian, but all I really remember is the alphabet and a couple words, since it's been a few years since I studied it. I certainly wish I could get interested in that again! And it would be really cool to be able to read Arabic as well. Someday?

How'd you make this thing, anyway? I know your HTML-writing skills dropped dead back in '04.

A: Yep, it's true! I've still got an ancient website rotting on the web that hasn't been updated for the past four years.
It's embarrassingly bad, reeking of templates and bad fanart, and if you can find it, well, you'd certainly suprise me! I had one in '02 as well, that was deleted. You're not gonna find out what those were about... *cough* I'm so mean... *cough*

Well now, here's my 'What You See Is What You Get' website building program, Nvu. It's kinda like Dreamweaver for cheapskates. A hefty dose of thanks goes out to Random for both the program, and the help she gave me in getting the website off the ground. Both were invaluable.

Oh Nvu, I could marry you. No one must know of our forbidden love... except you- let's keep it a secret, alright?
Nvu screenshot

Granted, sometimes I do edits to the HTML through my hosting service, since most of it is actually pretty simple.
But some of it is over my head. And forget CSS! I'm not even going to try that 'un. *hehe*
Just using NVU is so much simpler and easier. Computer geeks will be appalled at my cluttered up code. *evil Bowser laugh*

Why Seppukumaru? Aren't there better characters to have all over your site?

Nope! There aren't! This strange character is my fave by far, and he's really fun to draw. Y'know, Goemon himself is actually my second favorite, but I don't think anyone could really guess that...
After that, there are so many great characters to choose from, so it gets tough to pick favorites.

Q: Why are you so chatty?

A: I have no life. I'm online far too much. In real life, I'm this talkative around very few people.

Q: Oh.... okay, I'm sorry I asked.

A: As you should be. (just kidding!)

Q: Why is it that you're always saying corny things and making appallingly bad jokes?

A: Uh... because I can?

Hey, congrats! You made it to the end of the page, and apparently you're still awake!

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