May 31st 2013
The good news: I updated! OH NO WAY. The bad news: Layout-wise, things are getting a bit, shall we say... UGLY around here. Freehostia updated since my last update, and now, when I throw my Nvu HTML into it's HTML editor, bad things happen. It's probably my fault for being lazy and not cleaning up my HTML, but aside from a few minor things, the main problem is I can't at the moment change backgrounds to black, hence the ugliness because these pages were meant to be viewed on a black background. Also, when I tried to edit one of the Translation pages, very scary things happened with the format, horrifying enough that I backed out and, for now, decided to just not touch those. *sigh* But hell, this is kind of a niche website anyway, with a low viewership, so I figure it won't do any harm if I'm slow in fixing these problems. ;) My only comment on the art this time is that I'm actually a fan of my genderbent Protein design. XD I drew Mudanashi first, not really "trying" but rather just "doing", and then I kind of got into the Protein half of it. Last note: Wow, I forgot just how long it takes to update a website (when you're an idiot like me, anyway)! Also, in three days it will have been 2 years between updates- here's hoping I don't do that again! XD EDIT: Fixed the problem! I'm sure the code's still a mess, though, heheh...

June 2nd 2011
Alright, here's a short bit of backstory for the two new comics. If you didn't understand "Bad Song Choice", have a listen to the song 'Enjoy' by Bjork. The joke is that Goemon doesn't realize that it's just some song Ebisumaru's singing, so he thinks Ebi's being creepy. Time to get out of that bed, right?! Really, though, I'm hoping it was written so that you didn't need to know the specific song to understand the joke. The "Pick Up Yer Trash" comic probably doesn't require an explanation so much, but I can say it comes from my own experience picking up litter by the highway. The trash bag ripping part was unfortunately true on multiple occasions. And there is a lot of uneaten food... Oh, and I have a long history of drawing comics where somebody explodes in the last frame because I couldn't think of a better ending. >_<

March 2nd 2011
This was definitely my most time-intensive update. Hopefully things look at least slightly better? I thought the Site was in need of a little TLC.
Is it just me, or do I upload a different Seppukumaru chibi every time I update? The new one this time was actually a concept sketch for the plushie I made of that character (it's in my deviantArt gallery). There was a cute backview, too that I kind of wish I'd photographed now, but I'm too lazy to dig that up. He had a ponytail before I discovered that was going to be too difficult to pull off.
Know what this is? I took an old, less-than-pretty tank top, and using a fabric marker, drew an epic fail human Itakaro on it. Then (here's the kicker) I donated it to one of the local Thrift Stores here. In other words, anyone who's looking for new clothes there might see it. The moral of this story: make a cheap, hideous Goemon shirt to donate to Goodwill/Salvation Army/Deseret Industries (or where ever else unwanted things are sold). Time that you spend laughing over stupid things is not wasted time. :)
Thought of the day:
Tsujigiri Mt. Rushmore

January 4th 2011

I created this page so I'd have a way of explaining my various uploads and whatever else I do around this website (current page is very bare but I'll spiff it up in the next update). Those of you who don't know me (HR) personally may have wondered about the months between this update and the last one- well, I didn't have internet access during most of that time. I did however continue to do fanart, and I have more to post when I get the time (I didn't want to do too much in one update because editing this site takes a pretty massive chunk of time already). Well, let's get to the explanations for this round. 'The Tsujigiri Climb Mt. Washburn' was something I drew, photographed (didn't have a scanner), and then gave away the original copy. Washburn is a mountain in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, with a very steep trail going up to the top (where the views are epic). It's one of my favorite trails so I emulated a simplified version of it from memory here. At the top of the trail there's a firetower that is actually in use, with a ranger who literally lives on the top floor of the tower for months out of the year. You can't visit where the guy lives, but the bottom floor has information & scopes you can use to fully take in the miles of views. 'Toilet Magginesu' was just a random joke I thought up, which you're not supposed to think about too hard. XD It would make more sense if I didn't like the character, or if I used a politician in his place. I also gave the original away, hence the, uh, "hi res" photograh. 'Unfinished Goemon and Yae with cats' was the original version of a drawing I did for my deviantArt page. I canned this version when I decided that people would probably prefer to see the crew in their standard clothing. As for the Jurokubei I uploaded this time, I did put a lot of time into the drawing so I might finish it someday, and if that happens I'll take down this unfinished one. But I really feel unmotivated to finish it. XP The Lake Pontchartrain comic was based on the Ludo song by the same name, which I mentally rewrote with Goemon characters. It's a funny song with good visuals so I thought it would translate well to a comic, but I killed the idea while I was still on the rough layout stage. The unfinished Plumber Comic was going to be a goofy thing where Goemon & Mario are rivals as protagonists of two kind of similar game franchises.
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