Translation Work

All the major dialogue parts from the Japanese Game Boy Color game 'Ganbare Goemon: Seikuushi* Dynamites Arawaru!', translated from Japanese into English. I'll be updating these and fixing errors occasionally (eventually... when I'm less lazy...).

SDA IntroSDA Boss Fight 1SDA Tea House 1SDA Boss Fight 2SD Tea House 2

SDA Boss Fight 3SDA Yae and EbisumaruSDA Yae and Ebisumaru 2SDA OmitsuSDA Sasuke and Goemon 1

SDA Sasuke and Goemon 2SDA vs. Dynamites 1SDA vs. Dynamites 1: lose/winSDA vs. Dynamites 2SDA Ending

*Seikuushi is frequently mistranslated on the web as Hoshizorashi.

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