Added a link to VGM's very nice version of the English Seikuushi Dynamites ending; changed the main
image to cup Itakaro & moved the old one to the gallery; added two new Seppukumarus to the gallery
(here and here); added genderbent Mudanashi and Protein; and updated the blog.


Uploaded some poorly drawn and edited comics: "Goemon and Ebisumaru
Pick Up Yer Trash
" and "That Was a Bad Song Choice". Don't say I
didn't warn ya! Explanations in the Blog if you don't get 'em.

Finally finished translating the ending to 'Seikuushi Dynamites Arawaru!',
read it here. Also changed the homepage image.


Reformatted most of website, updated blog, organized gallery, and changed homepage image.
Fanart uploads: Bus Stop Hell, detailed chibi Jurokubei, Goemon Keeps Secrets, chibi Seppukumaru,
Goemon & Super Mario clothes swap, and A Stupid Story.

Added Blog page for explaining stuff.
Two new links: Atelier Sarahsuke and The Twisted Adventures of Von Slayer.
New site top, so I archived the old one in the fanart gallery.
Added the comic The Tsujigiri Climb Mt. Washburn.
Added Toilet Magginesu and several unfinished things to the Junk gallery:
Goemon & Yae with cats, JurokubeiLake Pontchartrain comic and Plumber comic.

Contact page update- still the most boring page EVER!
New comic: 'Creepy Crawly Tsujigiri part 1'
New junk: Graffitti Itakaro. If you know me, you understand. XD
New top image, so I've stuffed the previous one into the gallery.

New fancomic: Bismaru's Cloning Machine.
New art: Summer Goemon and Seppukumaru #10.
Also I finally saved the Updates page from looking terrible and got the links working
on the most recent updates, so you can view them from the homepage again. =)


Two new links: Seasoned Duck (comics) and Celestial:Chicane (sketchblog).
New art: a disturbed Sasuke, disco Impact, and mountie Goemon.
For the trashcan o' doom: The Ganbare Goemon Roadtrip, a comic that I put
alot of time into and then gave up on (I blame the number of main characters!).
Also reformatted the Links page for probably the 20th time... XD

New top image; previous one
now in gallery. Archived Suzaku webcam from Deviant Art.
New art: Seppukumaru #8. New junk: another sketch from 2003.

Gallery now has thumbnails.
New art: Seppukumaru; also pirate versions of Dochuki, Dynamites,
Ecororisai, Magginesu, and Omitsu. New junk: 2003 vintage Sasuke.

New top image- stuffed the previous one here (ART).
Also new, Shishi Sepu (ART) & Goe Omi (ART) both done with prismacolor
pencils (the former is filtered for clarity); plus, Chibi Goemon (ART) and
Jurokubei and lion stamp(ART) and archived 'Itakaro is a waffle cone (ART/junk).
Some layout/content editing done to the rest of the site as well.

Added Legend of the Mystical Gangsta (comic),
plus 'Jurokubei is exasperated' and Seppukumaru sez 'Say what?!' in 'ART'.
Also, archived 'Magginesu terrorizes Seppukumaru' in 'ART'.

New top image, moved previous one to 'ART'.
Added link banners to main 'Links' page. Archived 'Seppukumaru needs a new webcam' &
'Oedo Daikaiten cover parody' in 'ART'.

Added 'vs. Dynamites 2' in 'TRANSLATION'.

New top image yet again, moved previous one to 'ART'. Reformatted 'ART'
page because the old format bugged me. Added flossing Itakaro, Jurokubei & Goemon,
& hula Dochuki to 'ART' for archival purposes, since I no longer use them on Deviant Art.
Also, moved 'Sasuke runs' from the main gallery, to Junk section.

Added Chibi Jurokubei & lion in 'TRASH', and changed out the 'CONTACT'
page photo for this one.

Added SDA 'vs. Dyamites 1', and SDA 'vs. Dynamites 1: win/lose'.

Added SDA Omitsu, SDA Sasuke & Goemon 1, and SDA Sasuke & Goemon 2.
Also, new top image, moved previous one here, in Fanart .

Added SDA boss fight 3, SDA Yae & Ebisumaru 1,
and SDA Yae & Ebisumaru 2.

Revamped main page, minor revamp of 3 of the main pages (Translation, Links, & Contact),
new main link image, added link to beatlesfan931's & RandomNinjaMetal's Goemon fanfiction,
added link to the subtitled video for SDA scenes 2-5 (on their respective transcript pages)

Added SDA tea house 2

New top image, moved the old one here, in (Art).

Scary tablet-free Goemon & Ebisumaru (Junk)

Seppukumaru (Art)SDA tea house 1, SDA boss 2.

SDA Boss fight one translation version 1Seppukumaru in 'Art' also with Itakaro in 'Junk'.

Rokudenashi's public service announcement up. Links page working again here. Minor gallery reformatting, again.

Sasuke runs from the devil here. Minor gallery reformatting.

Added one more great Goemon-related link here. Basic 'Contact' page added here.

Added the link to another high quality Goemon-related website here.

Basic 'About' page added here.

Basic 'Links' page added here.

New top image and site background. Basic 'Art' page added here.

Basic 'Updates' page added. Basic 'Translation' page added here.

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