Ganbare Goemon: "Seikuushi Dainamaittu Arawaru!!":
Intro cut-scene translation

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The format: each image is followed by all the text that scrolls by while that image is on the screen. Later, I'll probably put it in a nicer format.
Any suggestions or corrections would be greatly appreciated, since my Japanese is light-years away from being perfect. Enjoy!

The Japanese text transcription of this is from:
However, the Japanese text transcripts for the rest of the translated scenes are my own since they weren't available elsewhere. Much of the original hiragana from the game was transcripted by them as kanji, which I didn’t change here. I sometimes do the same thing with my own transcripts, to save time- the meaning stays the same, after all.
My romanization is not always consistent, for example I will sometimes take the same sound and write it out different each time (for example, tu could also be written tsu, or cho could also be written cyo), usually changing unconsciously to reflect what looks best to me for a particular word. This is because I learned to romanize from several different sources which did not all follow the same standard. My apologies if this is annoying if you are trying to check my work, but it should not affect the meaning or the basic pronunciation of the text.
DON'T STEAL. This was a lot of work...

Intro Version 2:

がんばれゴエモン 星空士ダイナマイッツあらわる!!
Ganbare Goemon seikuushi dainamaittu arawaru!!
がんばれゴエモン 星空士ダイナマイッツあらわる!!
"Ganbare Goemon: Seikuushi Dynamite appears!!"

がんばれゴエモン 星空士ダイナマイッツあらわる!!
Koko wa, daiedo [hagure machi]... itumo nigiyakana machi daga kyo wa, chotto shizuka dazo...
Here we are in Edo [Hagure town]... it's usually a busy town, but today, for a short time, it's quite peaceful.

Sore mo sono wazu...nigiyaka konbi no {Goemon} to {Ebisumaru} no sugata ga, mia taranai kara...
All things considered, this is how it should be...because the busy presence of the Goemon and Ebisumaru combo is no where to be found...

がんばれゴエモン 星空士ダイナマイッツあらわる!!
Sou, Goemon wa [Nankoku] de okona wareru...{Nihon koban na ge senshuken} ni...
At this time, Goemon is on a journey through the [southern countries], which ends with him as the champion at koban-throwing.

がんばれゴエモン 星空士ダイナマイッツあらわる!!
Soshite, Ebisumaru wa [yukiguni] de okona wareru...{zenkoku umaimono haiyakui taikai} ni shutsuzyousuru tameni de kaketeiru node atta.
And Ebisumaru is travelling through the [snow country]. After performing at the {countrywide expert-level speed-eating contest}, his journey also comes to an end.

がんばれゴエモン 星空士ダイナマイッツあらわる!!
Shikashi, sono shizukesa mo tsukanoma...
しかし、その しずけさ も つかのま...
However, during that brief, serene moment...

Haruka, uchuu no kanata kara nazo no {buttai} ga, chikyuu ni hirai site kita node atta...
はるか、宇宙のかなた から謎の『ぶったい』が、
From far away at the other side of space, there was a puzzling {object} flying toward the earth, returning home...

がんばれゴエモン 星空士ダイナマイッツあらわる!!
Nazono koe {Nuhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Chikyuu no monoyo! Yo-kukike!!
Enigmatic voice: {Nuhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Listen well, earthlings!!

がんばれゴエモン 星空士ダイナマイッツあらわる!!
Watashi wa zen uchuu no kata kara mata ni kake! Hoshi o seihukusuru {seihuku ou}...
I am a citizen of the universe, who once again shakes it to its foundations! I am the conquering ruler of the stars...

{Seikuushi (seikuushi) dainamaittu}!!
{Seikuushi Dynamite}!!

他の宇宙人達 <たち> が征服に失敗したと言う伝説の星【チ~キュウ】を...
Hoka no uchuujin <tachi> ga seihuku ni shippaisita toiu densetsu no hoshi [chikyuu] o...
It is said in folklore that other aliens have failed at conquering this star of yours...

Seihukusuru tameni, wazawaza, yattekitaa---!!
And so, in their honor, I will succeed in taking it---!!

Mazuwa, tehajime ni kono [Nippon] o seihukusuru dainamaittttttttttu!!
First on my agenda, I am already set to conquer this Japan dynamiiiiiiiiiiiite!!

がんばれゴエモン 星空士ダイナマイッツあらわる!!

がんばれゴエモン 星空士ダイナマイッツあらわる!!
Yae: {Taihenda wa. Haiyaku, nanto kashinaito}
ヤエ『大変だわ。早く、なんと かしないと』
Yae: {This is awful. We have got to stop him from doing whatever he is planning, and quick.}

Sasuke: {umumumumu. Nakanaka, huteki na uchuujin dono de gozaru.
Sasuke: {Hmmmm... Mr. Alien is quite bold.

Yahari, korewa... Goemon donotachi ni mo tetsudatte mo ratta hou ga iikamo de gozaru...}
Of course, in this situation... I would like to get Mr. Goemons help, it would be so useful to have him on our team.}

Yae: {Sou ne. Dainamaittu to ka iu ano uchuujin no chikara ga wakaranaimono ne...}
Yae: {Right, that is true. I will not hesitate to say that an alien such as Dynamite may well have power which we have yet to comprehend, so we need all the help we can get.}

Sasuke: {Shikashi, kyou wa Goemon dono to Ebisumaru donono, sugata ga mattaku, miataranai de gozaru.}
サスケ『しかし、今日はゴエモンどのとエビス丸どのの、姿がまったく、見当 たらないでござる。』
Sasuke: {However, it has been so impossible to find Mr. Goemon and Mr. Ebisumaru today.

Yae: {Shikatanaiwa... tewakesite ninin o sagasimasyou}
Yae: {We can not handle the current situation like this... We should probably split up and get to work looking for those two.

がんばれゴエモン 星空士ダイナマイッツあらわる!!
Dainamaittu wa {karakuri neko gundan} o tsukai tsugi tsugi to, nihon kakuchi o seihuku shi hajimeta!
And Dynamite, sending one messenger after another from his mechanical cat army, begins to conquer every area of Japan!

Soshite [nangoku] ya [yukiguni] de no taikai mo mechamecha ni sarete… Goemon to, Ebisumaru no ikari wa chouten ni…
And in the [southern countries], the [snow country], and such places, this new threat has resulted in the cancellation of their respective tournaments...Causing the anger of Goemon and Ebisumaru to reach its peak...

Goemon {n naro! Ano neko yarou, yurusaneeze!!}
Goemon: {I have had enough! That cat bastard, I will not allow him to keep doing this!}

Ebisumaru {Kuimon no urami wa kowai desse~}
Ebisumaru: {I do NOT want to deal with this, its scary~}

[End of Intro]

The name Seikuushi means starry sky samurai, or starry sky gentleman.
A couple times when Seikuushi speaks, he uses katakana where the usual thing is to use kanji or hiragana, I think this is to emphasize the foreign-ness of his speech. And yes, he does just randomly end a sentence with dynamiiiiiiiiiiite!! Not weird for this series, but I had to point it out because it just looks weird there. And yes, when he laughs, it does draw it out for that long. You would probably want to AVOID saying funny things to this guy!
I am a citizen of the universe probably means *someone who is quite familiar with a great deal of it*.

Why Goemon and Ebisumaru are out competing in tournaments, I am not sure. Maybe they needed some money, and neither wants to hold down a regular job?
What confuses me here is that it seems to be implied early on that their journeys have ended, and then it is implied later that they are upset that their journeys have been interrupted. Either I am having a fundamental misunderstanding, or they are simply moving from one tournament to another. Or their respective tournaments have ended, but they have yet to be awarded their prize money. Maybe I will clear this up later.
When Yae says *so we need all the help we can get*, she does not actually say those words, but I felt it was necessary to make the rest of what she was saying make more sense.
Poor Ebisumaru, getting dragged along on Goemons adventures, even when he would rather not!

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