Ganbare Goemon: "Seikuushi Dainamaittu Arawaru!!":
Short tea house scene translation

Or, click HERE if you'd prefer to see video from the game with English subtitles, which includes this scene.

After beating Goemon's first boss, this is your next stop when you move forward on the map.

SDA tea house 1

SDA tea house 1

SDA tea house 1
Goemon: {O~!? Saten ka…ゴ エモン
!? 茶店か…
Goemon: {Hey~!? A tea house...?

Haramo hetta koto dashi chotto, yotteiku ka!
ハラもへったことだしちょっと, よっていくか!
For the sake of my stomach, I should probably go in for a little while!

Ippou, sonokoro [Ebisumaru]wa…
一方, そのころエビス丸
Narrator: Meanwhile, at about that time, [Ebisumaru]…

[End of the first tea house scene]

Next, it's off the beat Ebisumaru's levels so the two can finally meet up
(if you didn't already do this before completing Goemon's levels).

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