Ganbare Goemon: "Seikuushi Dainamaittu Arawaru!!":
Goemon and Ebisumaru tea house scene translation

Or, click HERE if you'd prefer to see video from the game with English subtitles, which includes this scene.

Once you beat Ebisumaru's first boss, he finally runs into Goemon.

SDA tea house 2
Ebisumaru: {Hohee! Goemon-han!!}
『ほ へっ! ゴエモンはん!!
Ebisumaru: {Hey! Goemon!!}

SDA tea house 2
Goemon: {Ebisumaru ja nee ka!

Goemon: {Well, if it isn’t Ebisumaru!

 Nani yattenda, konna tokoro de?
なにやってんだ, こんなところで?
How did you manage to end up in this place, too?

 Goemon to Ebisumaru wa, tagaini ima made no dekigoto o hanashita...
ゴエモンとエビス丸は, たがいに今 までのできごとをはなした...
Narrator: And so, Goemon and Ebisumaru, having been separated up till now, discussed the current incident...

SDA tea house 1
Goemon: {Subete, sono dainamaittu tokaiu yatsu no shiwazatte kotoka!
全 て,そのダイナマイッツとかいうやつのしわざってことか!
Goemon: {It seems the general consensus is maybe that Dynamites guy caused all this to happen. I think that's right!

 Koushicha, irare nee! Oedo hagure machi ni, isoguze!
, い られねえ! 大江戸はぐれ町に, いそぐぜ!
We can't go on like this! We've got to hurry on to Hagure Town!!

 Ebisumaru: {Sono maeni, wate dango o... kyurururu;}
エビス丸『そのまえに, わてだんごを...キュルルル;
Ebisumaru: {But before that, I need some sweet dumplings...; *stomach growling sound is heard*}

 {Goemon} to {Ebisumaru} no kyara chenji ga, kanou ni natta! (Poozu naka ni, chenji dekiruzo)
『ゴエモン』と『エビス丸』のキャラチェ ンジが, かのうになった! (ぽず中に, チェンジできるぞ)
Narrator: Now it’s possible to change between {Goemon} and {Ebisumaru}! (You can do this if the game is paused)

[End of the second tea house scene]

Coming up next, Goemon will fight the third boss.


'Narrator' is a character which is only referred to only in context, the name 'Narrator' is not mentioned
in the Japanese. I decided to state their presence here merely for clarity.
There is a 'sweatdrop' symbol in the text after Ebisumaru's stomach growls, indicating his embarrassment
about being so hungry while Japan is under attack. Font limitations meant I had to represent this with
a semicolon instead.
'Sweet dumplings' are called 'dango'- which also happens to be the word which we see on the banner
outside the teahouse. Apparently, dango is the main attraction in there.

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